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Media Watch- September 25

‘Today Russia is an empire of evil’: Polish PM

Russia’s Militarization of the Black Sea: Implications for the United States and NATO

How Do You Handle a Wounded Putin?

All Bluff? Russia’s Nuclear Threats

Poland's border wall hasn't stopped the flow of migrants from Belarus

Russia holds annexation 'referendums' in Ukrainian provinces

Ukraine’s envoy to Poland slams Russia’s ‘sham referenda’

Russians rigging referendum results

Poland welcomes over 6.5 million refugees from Ukraine

‘Poland must be ready for new refugee wave’: deputy interior minister

Majority of Ukrainian refugees in Poland have higher education

Polish Interior Minister signs decree to restrict entry for Russians

Visa restrictions for Russians ‘absolutely justified’: Polish Deputy FM

Polish PM lashes out at EU chief for her ‘scandalous’ message to Italy

Germany’s rejection of Poland’s claim for WWII reparations ‘morally reprehensible’: German MP

Belarusian dictator attacks Poland – again

Poland powerless against Lukashenko's barbarism

Trip through the countries neighboring Ukraine — a travel diary

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