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Media Watch- February 11

News articles about Poland

Trump says he’d disregard NATO treaty, urge Russian attacks on U.S. allies


Polish, EU officials react to Trump’s NATO comments


Nikki Haley denounces Trump’s NATO comments and defends her husband against his attacks.


The Ukraine war is ultimately about Poland

When Putin talks, we should listen.


Should Poland get nuclear weapons?

In a post-American world, a Polish nuclear umbrella could help secure Europe’s Eastern flank


Putin Tells West: Russia Cannot Be Defeated in Ukraine


Putin says Russia has no plan to attack Poland

Russian leader Vladimir Putin has said Moscow has no interest in expanding its war in Ukraine to other countries such as Poland and Latvia, according to reports.


Polish Foreign Ministry challenges Putin's lies about Poland


The Nordic-Baltic Region: An Example for NATO

Russia has now transformed to a wartime economy. Nordic and Baltic countries closest to Russia have got the message and are preparing.


Poland, France and Germany to counteract Russian propaganda


'Shame on you': Polish PM slams US Republicans over Ukraine aid


Senate votes to advance Ukraine-Israel package after border deal fails


Strengthening Polish military deters Russia: president


Poland, Ukraine to strengthen ties with high-level meetings


Breaking the Mold of Polish Politics?

Poland has been a political duopoly for the past two decades. Now a new figure has appeared to stake out the center ground.


Opposition accuses government of coup d'etat


Polish farmers block roads to protest EU rules, cheap imports from Ukraine


Polish film Chłopi (The Peasants) adapted from the novel by Władysław Reymont (Nobel prize 1924)


Polish filmmaker Patryk Vega has revealed details of his upcoming film about Russian leader Vladimir Putin.


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