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Media Watch- January 28

Updated: Feb 16

Poland-US alliance serves both countries: Polish president for Fox News

A close alliance between Poland and the United States, and a "strong Atlantic bond" is in the interests of Poland and Europe, as well as in America's interests, the Polish president has said.


Poland's New Lawless Government

By Lucja Swiatkowski Cannon


Polish Foreign Minister: 'Time Is Of The Essence' In Helping Ukraine Defeat Russia


Poland and Ukraine to strengthen defense ties with new cooperation and support initiatives


Poland will keep supporting Ukraine's fight for global security: Polish prime minister after visit to Kyiv

Ukraine is "fighting for the security of the entire world" and Poland will do "everything in our power" to boost Kyiv's chances of winning the war against Russia, the Polish prime minister has said.


US welcomes Poland's continued support for Ukraine

The United States welcomes Poland's "steps to continue to support Ukraine," the US State Department has said, after the Polish prime minister's visit to Kyiv on Monday.


Polish FM calls for EU financial, military aid to Ukraine

Poland is urging the European Union to provide Ukraine with financial and military assistance "as soon as possible" to help Kyiv's fight against the Russian invasion, the Polish foreign minister has said.


What Is NATO, and How Has the War in Ukraine Changed It?

This Western mutual-defense alliance is central to the pushback against Russia, even though Ukraine is not a member.


Moscow Works to Reclaim Europe


Farmers protest across Poland

Polish farmers are protesting in more than 200 places across the country to oppose the implementation of the European Union's Green Deal programme and the uncontrolled influx of goods from Ukraine.


The Political Power of Abortion Rights in Poland


Polish culture minister announces major overhaul in Saxon Palace restoration effort


Poland commemorates 1863 uprising against Russia


From pasture to prestige: Polish cheeses win hearts at the "Taste Atlas" ranking

The latest annual ranking from "Taste Atlas," a global culinary portal, has been graced by Polish smoked and soft cheeses, proving that Poland is much more than just the land of pierogi and kielbasa.


‘The Peasants’ Review: A Village Rendered in Oils

The filmmakers DK and Hugh Welchman apply a painstaking oil painting technique to render this sweeping drama set in a 19th century Polish village.


World marks Holocaust Memorial Day, recalling the liberation of Auschwitz

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