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Media Watch- September 24

Video: President Duda’s address to the UN General Assembly

Russia's war in Ukraine 'has permanently changed global security architecture': Polish president

Moscow's war in Ukraine has permanently changed the global security architecture, while Russia has discredited itself as a member of the international community, Poland’s president said in New York on Wednesday.

"If the Russians reach Poland, what's next?"

In an extended interview for CBS's "60 Minutes", President Zelensky has given a frank summary of the situation of the war - as concerns Ukraine, but also regarding Russia and the entire "world order".

101st and 82nd Airborne Division soldiers deploying to Eastern Europe

Grain Tensions Escalate Between Ukraine and Staunch Ally Poland

Poland says it summoned the Ukrainian ambassador after Zelensky’s earlier comments at the U.N. General Assembly.

Polish official slams Zelensky’s UN remarks about Ukrainian grain ban

Crisis in Warsaw-Kiev relations

Andrzej Duda on the grain dispute with Ukraine

Poland supports Ukraine, but must protect its interests

Poland is helping Ukraine fight Russia's invasion, but needs to protect the interests of its farmers and that’s why Warsaw has banned the import of Ukrainian grain, the Polish president has said.

Grain issue won’t affect Polish-Ukrainian relations.

The issue of Ukrainian grain imports must be resolved, but it won’t affect Polish-Ukrainian relations in a significant way, Poland’s president has said.

[But, on the other hand:]

As Dispute With Ukraine Escalates, Poland Says It Won’t Send New Weapons

By Monika Pronczuk

Poland isn’t sending new arms to Ukraine: gov’t spokesman

The Polish government spokesman said on Thursday that his country was not sending any new weapons to Ukraine except previously agreed supplies of ammunition and armaments.

Putin Is Winning His Grain War, Pitting Poland Against Ukraine

Polish President reaffirms strength of Polish-Ukrainian relations, thwarts Russian divisive efforts

Polish defence minister questions Zelensky’s proposal to give Germany permanent seat on UN Security Council

The Ukrainian president’s proposal to make Germany a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council is “disappointing” for Poland, as Germany has not paid reparations for war crimes committed during World War II, the Polish defence minister has said.

'We Are in Europe': Warsaw exhibition highlights Pope John Paul II’s vision for Ukraine

Visa Scandal Rocks Poland (Possibly)

The apparently illegal sale of entry visas is clearly a serious matter, but the effect on October’s election is far from clear.

EU concerned about Polish visa scandal

Corruption in the issuance of visas interests not only Poles. Explanations are demanded by EU partners.

Brussels inquires about Polish visa irregularities

Germany calls in Polish ambassador over cash-for-visas allegations

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