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Media Watch- October 9

Germany says issue of WWII reparations for Poland closed

Ukrainians to Putin’s empire: Hell No!

If Putin Uses a Nuclear Weapon, How Should the World Respond?

No indications Russia preparing to use nuclear weapons: White House

Poland talks with US on Nuclear Sharing

A Time of Unease and Challenge for Democracy

With many nations wary of the leadership of the United States, the war in Ukraine poses a test for the West.

Nine NATO nations express support for Ukraine’s membership bid.

NATO 'must do more' against Russia, German defense minister says

Crimea bridge blast deals blow to Russian war effort in Ukraine

Troubled Bridge Over Stolen Waters

Russia Suffers a Torrent of Battlefield Defeats

The Russian Double — Defeat and Decline

Reports of fractures within Kremlin gaining traction in Russia

Poland welcomes 6.88 million refugees from Ukraine

Swedish investigators say the evidence in pipeline leaks points to sabotage.

Polish PM blames Europe’s energy woes on Germany

Europe’s Energy Crisis Exposes Old Fault Lines and New Power Dynamics

Jerzy Urban, Acerbic Communist Turned Free-Speech Hero, Dies at 89

He spent the 1980s as the Polish regime’s sarcastic spokesman, then transformed himself into a controversial media entrepreneur in the ’90s.

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