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Media Watch- October 8

Polish FM says Germany avoids responsibility for WWII

The German government is seeking to avoid compensating Poland for World War II by repeating that the matter is closed and that the present German state has nothing to do with Hitler’s Germany.

Huge Antigovernment Crowds March in Poland Ahead of Critical Election

War fatigue, domestic politics, diplomatic gaffes: US, Europe tiring of supporting Ukraine against Russia?

Support for taking in refugees has dropped in Poland and Hungary, a new survey shows.

U.S. and World Leaders Pledge Support for Ukraine ‘for as Long as It Takes’

President Biden, in a conference call with world leaders amid tumult in Congress, insisted that U.S. aid would not be interrupted.

Ukraine's support precariously dependent on fickle democracies?

We Can Force Russia to Fund Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom

There is another way of funding Ukraine's fight — we can make Putin pay.

E.U. leaders hold talks on the consequences of accepting Ukraine as a member.

By Monika Pronczuk

Russia will attack others if Ukraine loses, Zelensky warns

Ukraine suspends WTO complaint against Poland, Slovakia, Hungary over grain imports

UK jets deployed to Poland for joint exercises

Four British Royal Air Force Typhoon fighter jets have deployed to Poland to conduct joint training exercises alongside allied aircraft from Poland, Spain and Italy

Warsaw bolsters air defenses with US-made Patriot missile system

Polish army's training capabilities bolstered with advanced combat simulation system

Central Europe increasingly united in fight against Putin’s disinformation

Poland and Germany are together hosting over 50% of Ukrainian refugees.

Russia Doesn’t Care About the Fight Against Fascism

Political Risk: The Price of Freedom

External and internal security come at a cost: pay it or perish.

How the Polish elections are reported in international press

A cross-section of international reporting on the upcoming Polish general elections.

Tusk announces government with the Left and the Third Way

The leader of Poland's largest opposition grouping has declared his desire to quickly form a coalition government after winning the October 15 parliamentary elections.

Opposition with secure majority?

Facing a Tough Election, a Governing Party Targets an Old Boogeyman: Nazis

If opposition wins power, Poland will be dependent on Germany, Russia, says ruling party leader

Polish leaders reiterate opposition to EU migration plans

EU ambassadors agree new migration pact despite opposition from Poland, Hungary

NATO soldiers stationed in Poland have paid tribute to the heroes of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising as part of commemorations in the Polish capital

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