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Media Watch- October 31

Invading Poland Again

The E.U. is not a common market. It is a liberal imperialist project.

EU court tells Poland to pay $1.2M a day in judicial dispute

Poland vows not to pay any EU court fines

Opinion: EU emphasizes power over values in row with Poland

Poland summons Belgian ambassador in rule-of-law row

Polish-led 'counter-revolution' gaining traction in EU

Europe's Next Domino: Will Polexit Follow Brexit?

Poland’s Heartland Would Rather Keep E.U. Money Than Break With Bloc

In Poland’s politics, a ‘social civil war’ brewed as Facebook rewarded online anger

An independent data analysis of major political parties in Poland that was conducted for The Post showed that after 2018, negative messages were more likely to receive a high number of shares.

Germany insists Nord Stream 2 will not threaten EU gas supply

A Russian Pipeline Changes Direction, and Energy Politics Come to the Fore

Amid an energy crunch in Europe, one of Russia’s largest natural gas pipelines began pulling gas out of Western Europe back eastward, Russian news agencies reported.

No Time To Freeze

Europe has walked headfirst into the Russian energy trap. It’s time to break free.

On the Move

China is on the retreat in central Europe. US pressure can accelerate the trend.

Poland: Lawmakers approve Belarus border wall amid migrant surge

Poland, 44 other countries condemn Belarus over migrant crisis

We asked Poland to hide our black sites. Then we left it hanging.

A lesson in the way Washington sometimes treats and discards allies.

Poland: Parliament debates bill banning LGBTQ pride parades

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