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Media Watch- October 29

Sea Change in Poland — What Might it Mean?

Poland’s three main opposition parties won more than 50% of the vote in the October 15 election and look set to form a government. What might result?


Poland’s Transformative Election

How Europe Would Benefit From a New Government in Warsaw

By Daniel Fried and Alina Polyakova


A Less Polarized Poland? Not Yet, Election Results Suggest.


Mass grave of Poles killed by Ukrainian nationalists in 1945 discovered in western Ukraine


Russian Victory Would Bring Darkness to the Heart of Europe

If the US removes its support and Russia wins, Ukraine will become a dark space threatening peace and security all along NATO’s border.


Dear Reader, Ukraine’s Bell Tolls for You Too


The Sky-High Costs of Abandoning Ukraine

It’s far from clear that the US will agree to send more aid to Ukraine. That raises deeply worrying questions about the future.


EU leaders reaffirm support for Ukraine at Brussels summit


Without the United States, Europe Is Lost

There is a very bleak future for Europe if the US pulls back. There’s not much time to turn this around.


Has the Kremlin’s Dream of Global Chaos Come True?

Putin has anticipated and contributed to the breakdown of the post-World War II order for many years. Does the world’s increasing instability mean he is achieving those objectives?


Poland to block EU migration pact


Polish gov’t spokesman says MEPs seek to abolish nation states


Freelancing flourishes in Poland, new study reveals


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