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Media Watch- October 24

Statement by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in the European Parliament

Polish leader blasts EU over controversial rule of law dispute

Poland’s Attacks on Rule of Law Leave Europe at Odds With Itself

Poland triggers an existential crisis for Europe

Why the E.U.’s crackdown on Poland is justified

Warsaw cannot keep taking money from Brussels while defying European Union law.

Brussels must not let Poland's PiS flout EU norms

Poland’s ‘Russian roulette’ with the EU

EU stands firm in the face of Polish defiance

Rule-of-law row with Poland dominates EU leaders' summit

EU leaders meeting in Brussels are taking the Polish premier to task over a court ruling undermining the primacy of EU law in his country. The dispute is threatening to throw the bloc into crisis.

Poland has no problem with rule of law, PM says after EU summit

Poland won't bow to EU 'blackmail' but seek to solve rows, says PM

Poland is learning, as Britain did, that the EU will never let its members be sovereign

Why some fear a 'Polexit' from European Union

The Possibility of Polexit

Prof. Musiał: The Germans are consciously playing to make PiS lose power. They want to overthrow a government that has democratic legitimacy

To retain its security, Poland must fight for a democratically balanced Europe

Russia-NATO Relations: Back to Rock Bottom

NATO-Russia rift is next level in Putin's escalation

NATO fully aware of Russian threat: Polish defence minister

Poland protests mark one year since abortion ban

Baltic Pipe undersea gas link makes landfall in Denmark

The Baltic Pipe gas pipeline, which is being built under the Baltic Sea to connect Poland with Norwegian gas fields via Denmark, has reached the Danish Baltic coast.

Polish president invited to democracy summit by Biden

Chopin: Poland launches online retrospective of iconic composer

When the U.S. needed secret help in Iraq, who did it call? Poland, of course.

Book review: From Warsaw With Love by John Pomfret

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