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Media Watch- October 23

Polish leader criticises Germany’s ‘racist stance’ on WWII reparations

Europe’s New Military Frontline

There is a new dividing line across the Continent, much longer than the old Iron Curtain and very different in defensive needs.

‘We must do everything to ensure Ukraine wins the war': Polish leader [Kaczynski]

'If we let Russia win' in Ukraine, it 'will attack other countries,' Polish deputy FM warns

NATO's eastern-flank allies discuss ways to protect critical infrastructure

Council of Europe calls on member states to declare Russia ‘a terrorist regime’

Russia ostracised by vote at UN General Assembly

The Polish Ambassador to the UN has said that Wednesday's vote at the UN General Assembly shows that Russia has been marginalised from global politics.

Give Peace A Chance

Talk is cheap. The consequences won’t be.

Poland has taken in 7.22 million refugees from Ukraine

Polish deputy FM, Israeli ambassador discuss youth trips

Missing the Home You Needed to Leave

There is a name for the specific type of grief that both refugees and migrants experience. It’s called “cultural bereavement.”

[I have personally experience this a number of times in my life. I was too young to remember leaving Poland, but detested our move from France to Canada, and then to the US – TM]

Book Review: The Dangers of Willful Ignorance

Jonathan Freedland’s “The Escape Artist” tells the story of Auschwitz’s horrors — and the multitudes who refused to listen.

Martyna Majok on Hoping for Magic, and Wishing for Ghosts

As tinged with longing as her play is, it’s also laugh-out-loud funny.

A Polish Artist With Varied Talents

Agnieszka Polska is a video artist, sculptor and the director of a feature film whose works have been featured at major museums in Europe and the U.S.

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