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Media Watch- October 2

Baltic Pipe [Norway to Poland] speeds up exit from Russian gas

Safety Concerns Overshadow Europe’s First New Gas Link in Decades

Warsaw, Prague to seek EU funding for gas project

Russia’s role in Nord Stream leaks ‘increasingly plausible’: Polish FM

Russian navy ships spotted this week near Nord Stream pipeline leaks

With Bluster and Threats, Putin Casts the West as the Enemy

Putin signs treaties to annex four Ukrainian regions

NATO vows 'unwavering support' for Ukraine after Putin's 'land grab'

Biden condemns Russia’s 'fraudulent attempt' to annex Ukrainian territory

Biden Calls on World to Punish Russia for Attempt to Annex Ukrainian Land

Poland condemns Russia’s annexation of four Ukrainian regions

CEE presidents jointly condemn Russia's annexation attempt

Polish President Andrzej Duda alongside his counterparts from the Central and East European NATO members have jointly denounced Moscow’s attempts at annexing parts of Ukraine.

Britain will never accept Russia’s annexation in Ukraine: Truss

Russian troops encircled in annexed region

Russia-Ukraine updates: US cheers Ukraine's battlefield success at Lyman

Ukraine is Winning the Cyber War

Russia’s cyberattacks failed to shut down Ukrainian infrastructure or hurt its military. This success holds important lessons.

Ukraine war: How to repair the Ukrainian army's modern weapons

Repairing worn-out Western weapons is becoming increasingly important. A workshop dedicated to this upkeep is planned for the Polish-Ukrainian border.

Top US lawmaker 'expressed admiration' for Poland’s 'firm stance' on Russia's war against Ukraine

The Polish foreign minister has said that US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has voiced her admiration for Poland’s decisive stance on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Polish parliament against EU visas for Russians

No special treatment for Russians fleeing mobilization

Poland welcomes 6.7 million refugees from Ukraine

Inside Europe 29.09.2022

The psychology of resistance in Russia, the politics of remembrance in Poland and the rule of law in Hungary.

Eurozone Inflation Sets Another Record, Hitting 10 Percent in September

[Yet another reason for Poland not to adopt the Euro – TM]

Exploring Central and Eastern Europe — a travel diary

Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp: Saving the soles of lives lost

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