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Media Watch- October 17

Quixotic Poland Seeks to Reshape the EU

Poland Throws Down the Gauntlet to EU

Poles rally to defend EU membership

'Polexit is fake news': PM

French politicians support Poland in row with EU

German expert backs Poland’s top court amid row with EU

Poland: Thousands protest against migrant pushbacks at Belarus border

Demonstrators have gathered in Warsaw to show solidarity with migrants at the Poland-Belarus border who have been turned back by Polish authorities.

Desperate migrants trapped between Belarus, Poland amid geopolitical row

Poland says it has hard evidence of Russia’s hand in migrant crisis

Putin’s gas war with Europe is far from over

Inflation fears drive Warsaw's hawkish monetary stance

Poland’s ruling party leader to quit government role

EUR 800 bn owed to Poland in WWII reparations: German historian

Polish Foreign Ministry promotes Chopin piano competition

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