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Media Watch- October 15

[The Trans-Atlantic Community is abuzz over Poland’s election]

Politicians spar in TV debate as Poland counts down to election day

Poland’s Elections Will Have Consequences for the EU's Unity Against Russia

What does the Polish election mean for the future of the EU?

Opposition leader Donald Tusk claims ruling PiS party plans 'Polexit'

Poles apart: the EU and Poland tensions threatening to boil over

Poland faces a pivotal election. Observers say it isn’t a fair vote.

Poland’s Democracy Is Too Important to Fail

Growing Wariness of Aid to Ukraine Hangs Over Polish Election

Many who struggled against Poland's communist system feel they are fighting for democracy once again

‘We live in different worlds’: Poland’s toxic politics is splitting the country in two, one family at a time

Poland Isn’t About to Be Saved

Zelensky Says Gaza War Furthers Russian Aims

The Ukrainian president said Moscow was aiming to sow division in the region and the attack on Israel could distract allies from his country’s conflict.

Polish military's 'Operation NEON' evacuates over 1500 from Israel

Europe’s Leaders Meet at a Decisive Moment

Zelensky appeals for global unity against terror at NATO parliamentary assembly

Polish generals named to replace top military commanders who resigned in spat with defense minister

Event in Warsaw celebrates Polish-Ukrainian solidarity

Poland to build grain port in Gdańsk: farm minister

Poland picks architects for reconstruction of Warsaw’s Saxon Palace

The Polish authorities have announced the winner of a competition to design the reconstruction of Warsaw’s Saxon Palace, which was bombed to rubble by Nazi Germany during World War II.

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