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Media Watch- October 10

A Proclamation on General Pulaski Memorial Day, 2021

The U.S. was right — Europe has become a ‘hostage’ to Russia over energy, analysts warn

Britain and Europe forced to play Russian roulette with Putin’s gas

Russian Gas Trap: Gazprom Curbs Gas Transit Capacity

Poland’s Top Court Rules Its Constitution Trumps E.U. Law

The long-awaited verdict has rattled the political world

Polish court ruling plunges EU into new crisis, EU ministers say

PM says court upheld Polish constitution by declaring its primacy over EU law

Hungary: Orban signs resolution supporting Polish court ruling

Why Is Poland Fighting the Supremacy of European Union Courts?

Poland argues that its courts should supersede the bloc’s top court. The E.U. sharply disagrees.

Ursula von der Leyen vows to use ‘all powers’ to ensure supremacy of EU law in Poland

Poland stokes fears of leaving EU in 'Polexit'

Opinion: Poland is not yet lost to the European Union

The EU will lose its war with Poland and prove we were right to leave

EU has 'no say' over Poland’s judicial system: ruling party leader

They Are Stuck in Freezing Woods, and ‘Fortress Europe’ Won’t Let Them In

The next migrant crisis has already begun

Poland has 'full backing' within EU amid 'hybrid war' waged by Belarus: PM

Belarusian border crisis hits local Polish business

Russia undermining European security, Polish defence minister tells conference

Parade in honour of Polish-American hero [Pulaski] returns to NYC

A cycling trail through Poland and Germany — and Soviet-era history

Europa: The peculiar tale of the anti-fascist film the Nazis didn’t want you to see

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