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Media Watch- October 1

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Russia Accuses West of 'De Facto' Fighting in Ukraine Poland to expand LNG terminal to boost gas independence from Russia Andrzej Duda eases conflict with Ukraine Foreign Minister comments on Warsaw-Kiev crisis Ambassador of Ukraine in Poland: the grain dispute will not affect relations between Kyiv and Warsaw Washington asks for explanation from Warsaw on arms to Ukraine Poland’s opposition leader calls for continued military support for Ukraine NATO chief confident Poland will continue to support Ukraine US: Republican party sharply divided over Ukraine Germany may be seeking Ukraine’s help in changing Polish gov’t It is possible that Germany has offered Ukraine a fast track to the European Union in exchange for helping undermine the current Polish government, a senior politician with Poland’s ruling conservatives Law and Justice (PiS) has said. Germany is changing the rules on its border with Poland Berlin is introducing tighter controls on its borders with Poland and the Czech Republic to curb illegal migration US preps unusual $2B loan for Polish military Poland has bought billions worth of U.S. military goods, in addition to Korean-made armaments. New U.S.-Poland Foreign Military Financing Direct Loan Agreement Showcases Strong Security Partnership Poland to veto EU migration plan at summit next week Lazy Categories: East, West, North, South Speaking Truth Unto Russia — Inspiration From the Cold War The need to reach ordinary Russians is as acute now as it was in the Cold War. We must generate new thinking and new methods to replicate past US success. Contract for Polish atom signed Polish Nuclear Power Plants (PEJ) has signed a contract to design Poland's first nuclear power plant with an American consortium of Westinghouse and Bechtel. Poland’s leaders unveil new Polish History Museum Polish President to celebrate Pulaski Day in the USA “Warsaw 1944 – Mariupol 2022” exhibition opens in Vilnius The Award-Winning Polish Film That Poland’s Leaders Hate The director Agnieszka Holland says her movie “Green Border” encourages empathy with migrants trying to enter Poland. But the government has likened it to Nazi propaganda. By Monika Pronczuk Polish ruling party leader says new Agnieszka Holland movie ‘serves Putin’s plans’

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