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Media Watch - November 27

Polish Court to prosecute Smolensk flight controllers! Poland sends diplomatic note to 50 countries as it seeks WWII damages from Germany Nuclear War Is Averted After Stray Missile Hits Poland 'If Kyiv falls, Russia will direct its aggression at Poland': Polish PM Saving Putin’s Face Blowing Hot and Cold Russia’s military collapse is accelerating. Now what? Missiles for Poland Raise Questions on NATO Stance in Ukraine War NATO is determined to help Ukraine battle Russia, but wants no direct part of the war. A new promise of air defense weapons for Poland may make that more complicated. Poland asks Germany to send Patriot air defence systems to Ukraine Poland upsets some by rebuffing German air defense system Germany says its Patriot air defence systems intended for use 'on NATO territory' Artillery Is Breaking in Ukraine. It’s Becoming a Problem for the Pentagon. Ukrainian soldiers are firing thousands of shells daily, forcing the U.S. to replace gun barrels across the border in Poland. U.S. and NATO Scramble to Arm Ukraine and Refill Their Own Arsenals What Will Russia Without Putin Look Like – Maybe This. Poland has taken in over 8 million refugees from Ukraine Polish PM, local authorities discuss possible new wave of Ukrainian refugees Poland to spend 3 percent of GDP on defence in 2023: Ministry of Defence [NATO requires 2%, which not all member states attain – TM] Poland on track to build EU’s heftiest land forces In Warsaw, Mining a Rich Vein of Polish Creativity Over the last decade, Warsaw has bloomed into one of Europe’s most compelling capitals, and Mokotowska Street has flowered along with it.

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