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Media Watch- November 26

Why Europe is rearming: It isn’t just about Russia.


Top Job: Running NATO

Estonia’s Kaja Kallas meets all the criteria. Not that it helps.


Poles against military draft: survey

More Poles oppose than support compulsory military service, according to a new survey, released on Monday. 


Prime Minister still trying to form a cabinet

Contrary to parliamentary arithmetic, Mateusz Morawiecki assures that he will try to maintain power and present a new government.


Poland's PM-designate struggles to form new gov't as opposition prepares to take power


Confederation will meet with PM, but will not support him


Return to POPiS?

As EU Parliament gives initial go ahead to closer EU ties, Poland's PO and PiS parties find themselves in solidarity - and in opposition.


Proposed EU treaty changes undermine Poland's sovereignty: conservative leader


President criticizes opposition

An interview Andrzej Duda gave to the right-wing weekly Sieci foreshadows a cold war between the president and the new parliamentary majority.


Polish defence minister, US counterpart discuss military cooperation


Why Using Nuclear Weapons In Ukraine Is A Real Option For Putin


The Drooping of Kremlin Soft Power

Russia is increasingly ostracized at the world’s major institutions. Moscow claims indifference, but other capitals are taking note.


V4 presidents discuss regional security, support for Ukraine

The presidents of Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary met in Prague on Wednesday and their talks focused on regional security, cooperation and the future of the European Union, among other topics.


Putin won’t stop if he takes Ukraine, Pentagon chief warns


Ukrainian haulers urge Zelensky, EU's von der Leyen to help end blockade at Polish border


Zelensky says he hopes for resolution to blockade at Polish border


Poland's new parliament debates reversing a ban on government funding for in vitro fertilization


Polish musician Hania Rani’s album is delicate. Her live show won’t be.


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