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Media Watch- November 21

Certification of controversial Russian gas pipeline suspended by Germany McCaul and Kaptur Renew Calls for Nord Stream 2 Sanctions in the NDAA G7 Foreign Ministers’ Statement on Belarus Poland: Belarus crisis is 'greatest attempt to destabilize Europe' since Cold War Video: "We defend Europe” - message by Polish PM Morawiecki Poland PM to hold talks in Europe on Belarus border crisis What's happening in the Belarus-Poland border crisis? Hundreds try to cross Polish border as migrant crisis continues: officials Belarus Clears Migrant Camp, Easing Border Standoff With Poland Poland confirms Belarus migrant camp empty Belarus’s Lukashenko tells close ally Putin he de-escalated the migrant crisis with Europe. Poland disagrees. How Belarus Manufactured a Border Crisis What’s Next for the Migrants in Belarus? How President Lukashenko might respond to the crisis he made. Belarus: Lukashenko agrees to EU talks on ending migrant standoff In the primeval forests of Poland, haunting traces of people unseen. By Monika Pronczuk [I know Monika – she was a member or our PAC Division in DC, and editor of our newsletter. Her father was a long-time president of the Polish Cultural Foundation in Boston – TM] How the Belarus Standoff Is Unlike Recent Migrant Crises EU, NATO stand with Poland amid Belarus border crisis: president US urges Russia to press Belarus over migrants at Polish border: spokeswoman [Jen Psaki] Blinken reaffirms US support for Poland amid migrant crisis Russia, Belarus working 'hand in hand' to destabilize Central Europe, Polish deputy FM tells CNN On Putin’s Strategic Chessboard, a Series of Destabilizing Moves U.S. Warns Allies of Possible Russian Incursion as Troops Amass Near Ukraine

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