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Media Watch- November 19

Poland's Morawiecki to be appointed PM-designate on Monday evening


Polish PM-designate seeks coalition gov't with parts of opposition


Polish MPs elect new Speaker as opposition wins key vote in parliament


Poland's new parliament choses a speaker, but the transition of power is delayed by president's move


First message of the new Speaker of the Sejm


Opposition senator elected Polish upper-house Speaker


The president delivered a message at the inauguration of parliament

At the first session of the 10th-term Sejm, Andrzej Duda announced that he is committed to good cooperation with the new parliament and government, but will use his prerogatives as head of state if there are problems with proposed legislation.


Polish PM to unveil new Cabinet within two weeks


Poland's leftists pledge to enhance family and social policies


Kaczynski won, but lost

According to Jan Maria Jackowski, there are many reasons for the electoral defeat of Law and Justice (PiS), and one of them is [party leader] Jaroslaw Kaczynski himself


If Kaczynski leaves, the Law and Justice could fall apart

Polish, Ukrainian officials to meet at border in bid to end trucker protest


EU should let member states make key decisions: Polish PM


Warsaw event aims to help rebuild Ukraine

Decision makers, financiers and donor organizations have gathered in Warsaw this week for an international conference that aims to help rebuild Ukraine from the ravages of war.


Poland to produce radar components for US Patriot missile system


Russia Labels Moscow Times a ‘Foreign Agent’


Polish inventor wins humanitarian award


In Search of Texas’s Hidden Polish Heritage


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