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Media Watch- November 12

Putin to Seek Re-Election in 2024


President taps Poland's outgoing prime minister to form new government despite lack of a majority


Polish president gives ruling conservatives first chance to form new gov’t


Polish PM Morawiecki thanks president for chance to form new gov’t


Poland’s opposition parties say they are on track to form new gov’t


Poland's outgoing minister asks new legislators to seek further war reparations from Germany


Poles among those held hostage by Hamas: FM


NATO Reaches an Inflection Point


Korean banks will lend Poland billions of dollars for weapons


Poland signs USD 5 bn defense deal for missiles and launchers


Korean weapons are sailing to Poland


Polish tank battalion aims to join NATO response force


Polish gov't minister discusses strategic partnership with US in Washington


Stalemate in Ukraine Is the Hesitant West’s Fault

“Putin's attack on Ukraine is not a local conflict rooted in territorial disputes between two neighboring states. It is an attack on the very foundations of the existing world order, and an aggressive attempt to rewrite the rules that underpin it.”


Ukrainian museum staff undergo cultural heritage protection training in Poland


Inside the Kremlin’s Showcase of Russian National Fantasies


Poland celebrates Independence Day


Poland’s Independence March


Polish nationalists hold Independence Day march in Warsaw after voters reject their worldview


Poland’s Art World Awaits a Culture War Counteroffensive

The Law and Justice party tried to reshape the country via the arts. Now that it appears set to lose office, its critics are split over how to move on.


The Novel Source for This Space Mystery? A Novel.

Video games rarely adapt books. But with The Invincible, a Polish studio embraces a science fiction story by Stanislaw Lem.


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