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Media Watch- May 7

Garry Kasparov issues warning to Poland and Baltic states

Garry Kasparov, former chess grandmaster and opposition leader in Russia, has issued a warning to Poland and the Baltic states that they will be "next" if Russia succeeds in Ukraine.

Poland is on the verge of becoming a great power

Poland condemns Russian official’s remarks about 'murder' of ambassador

Poland summons Russian ambassador over assassination comment

Ukraine: No Choice but to Fight On

The missiles smashing into Kharkiv and other cities underline the fundamental truth of this war — Russia can only be deterred by defeat.

Russia uses migrants as weapon in hybrid war against West

Is the Russian military turning on itself?

The head of Russia's mercenary army, oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin, has caused a commotion in the Russian military with an emotional attack on Russia's "pseudo-military leadership", including Putin.

The ‘Peace Dividend’ Is Over in Europe. Now Come the Hard Tradeoffs.

Defending against an unpredictable Russia in years to come will mean bumping up against a strained social safety net and ambitious climate transition plans.

Poland 'fully participates in the great European freedom': president

Poland to open service centre for HIMARS rocket artillery

President thanks Poles for cultivating national identity at home and abroad

Poland pulls down Red Army memorial

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