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Media Watch- May 14

Poland makes its case for European leadership - Atlantic Council

PM hails Poland's role in providing European security

Poland is not only a recipient but also a provider of security as it presses ahead with efforts to build one of the strongest armies in Europe

Polish patrol plane incident was 'Russian provocation'

Friday’s incident in which a Russian fighter jet approached a Polish border guard plane on patrol for the European Union over the Black Sea near Romania, without keeping a secure distance, was “a provocation by Russia,” the Polish government spokesman has said.

Poland summons Russian ambassador over patrol plane incident

NATO boosts unit readiness after Russian jet nearly hits Polish plane

'We will defend every inch of NATO territory': Stoltenberg

NATO — Stop Dithering and Let Ukraine In

Europe Gives to Ukraine With One Hand, Takes With the Other

Kremlin spokesman continues narrative of Polish Russophobia

Austrian columnist accuses Poland of ‘provoking Russia’ over Ukraine

Polish-U.S. Defense Leaders Look to Further Crucial Partnership

Poland as a humanitarian superpower

The American ambassador to Warsaw stressed Poland's international importance.

Russian envoy prevented from honouring Soviet WWII soldiers in Warsaw

Ukraine flags block Russian ambassador's path on Victory Day

Images from the protests against the Russian Ambassador

Poland should consider expelling Russian ambassador: ruling party official

Polish president renews call for special tribunal for Russian war crimes in Ukraine

Poland in the EU to defend the principle of unanimity

Polish MEP slams Germany’s ‘disastrous’ Russian policy

First US-made HIMARS rocket launchers to reach Poland on Monday

Poland reverts to historic name for Russia's Kaliningrad

Poland’s decision to rename Kaliningrad ‘not political’: presidential aide

Poland’s ‘Auschwitz volunteer’ [Witold Pilecki] remembered on his birthday anniversary

Chopin recitals to be launched at Warsaw’s Łazienki Park

Polish heritage celebrated worldwide

Parades, festivities and picnics were held in various cities around the world over the weekend as part of Polish Days.

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