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Media Watch- March 26

How Poland Distorts Its Holocaust History

[Disclaimer – My posting of this article does NOT imply I agree with it – TM

Poland Might Be Prepared to Do What the US and NATO Will Not

In a worst-case scenario, if Russian forces get the upper hand over a depleted Ukraine, NATO will need to intervene. Poland, of course, would have to be the spearhead.

War in Ukraine: Russia the Loser, the US a Winner

This NATO Ally [Poland] is Building Strongest Army After Ukraine

Poland’s voice ‘increasingly heard’ in EU

A Polish government minister has said that his country’s voice is "being increasingly heard” in the European Union, following Poland’s warnings about Russia that have been borne out by Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

EU summit: Poland denounces Russia’s abduction of Ukrainian children

The Polish prime minister has declared that he will highlight the issue of Russia’s unlawful deportation of Ukrainian children at a two-day meeting of European Union leaders that began in Brussels on Thursday.

The first permanent US garrison in Poland

1st US Army garrison on NATO's east flank formed in Poland

Polish PM warns of 'revolts' if EU ignores nation-states

Poland’s prime minister warned Monday that Europe may see “revolts” if the European Union, of which his country is a member, turns into a “super-state government” that ignores national differences.

Israeli foreign minister visits Poland to restore ties

Prince William makes a surprise visit to Poland to thank troops.

Prince William thanks Poland for generosity to Ukrainians

Poland honors citizens who helped Jews during Holocaust

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