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Media Watch- March 13

Europe Awakens. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has unexpectedly transformed Europe. Polish head of state, US vice president talk response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine Harris, in Poland, Seeks to Present United Front Against Russia Harris and Polish president seek to move beyond disagreement over jets A message from Vice President Harris to Polish people Debate about Polish fighter jets for Ukraine was divisive — and distracting Why Washington shut down Poland’s offer to give Ukraine fighter jets Poland urges tougher sanctions as Russia's attack on Ukraine expands The War Next Door In Poland, people watch the unthinkable in Ukraine and worry about the future. Polish parliament approves help for Ukrainians fleeing Russian invasion Poland admits nearly 1.6 million refugees from Ukraine Canadian PM vows to support Poland in welcoming refugees from Ukraine Poland helps evacuate children from war-torn Ukraine Poland’s Ministry of Family and Social Policy is teaming up with Ukraine’s authorities to bring children from the war-hit country to safety. Polish city exempts those who house Ukraine refugees from real estate tax For this border crisis, Poles extend a warm welcome, unlike last time. ‘You Just Have to Open the Door and Help People’: Poland’s Tourism Industry Aids Refugees Poland makes Ukrainians feel at home: Zelensky Poland wants EU's financial aid in bearing costs of humanitarian crisis Leaving Lviv Turning to poetry to parse a long history of loss and exile What Do Russians Think About Putin’s War? US to send two Patriot batteries to Poland Pentagon: no decisions on US permanent military presence in Europe Belarusian cyber attack on Polish military Poland deserves apology from EU, US over Nord Stream 2: ex-US ambassador

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