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Media Watch- March 12

Poland 'telling the world the truth' about Russia’s war on Ukraine

Poland’s president has said his country is on a mission to "tell the world the truth" about Russia’s war against neighbouring Ukraine, while also aiming to combat the Kremlin's disinformation.

Russian aggression in Ukraine is 'neo–colonial war,' Polish president tells UN

Poland 'stands as an example of success' in agriculture, president tells UN conference

Poland ready to transfer MiG jets to Ukraine, president tells CNN

Slovak Defense Minister on MiGs for Ukraine

Poland, Slovakia urge allies to send fighter jets to Ukraine

Russia’s Collapse: Ringside Seat

Putin fumes as his country crumbles.

Why Russia Will Lose

In war, some truths remain self-evident. Perhaps the most important — and the most neglected — is that Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is the act of a country with the landmass of a giant but the industrial potential of a dwarf.

Who Can Pay for Putin’s War? Step Forward Vladimir

The West invariably plays by the rules while our enemies break them. It’s time to bend them, a little.

Russia has lost five times more troops in Bakhmut than Ukraine

Gloom Envelops Putin’s TV Propagandists

Julia Davis, the West’s leading Russian state media analyst, detects an appreciable change of tone among Kremlin mouthpieces.

Polish city collects wax and paraffin to make trench candles for Ukrainian army

Europe — Ask Not What America Can Do for You

Europe’s enormous wealth and power means it can build its own arsenal of democracy, if the political will can be found.

Poland receives first US missiles for Patriot air defence systems

Polish first lady highlights plight of Ukrainian children abducted by Russia

Attacks on the Pope are attacks on Poland and Polishness

John Paul abuse claims trigger angry reaction from Poland

Polish MPs condemn 'disgraceful media smear campaign against St. John Paul II'

Curious action by the Foreign Ministry

The Foreign Ministry has invited the U.S. ambassador Mark Brzezinski in connection with the actions of one of the private television stations in Poland.

Poland summons US ambassador over TV station's 'activity'

Poland, Israel set to agree on youth trips

Poland and Israel could soon sign an agreement to resume visits by organized groups of Israeli youth to Poland

Kamala invades Poland

Witness the art of cackle diplomacy

Germany's system does not see victims from Poland?

"There are benefits paid to citizens of Israel, to Jews, and to Germans who were discriminated against during World War II, but their legal system does not see victims from Poland, Greece, Ukraine,"

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