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Media Watch- March 20

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Biden Administration Wants Poland To Take The Blame If WWIII Breaks Out

This Is How World War III Begins

War in Ukraine Prompts a Political Makeover in Poland

Countries previously hostile to refugees embrace Ukrainians.

European Leaders Brave Russian Bombardment in Visit to Kyiv

Two Refugees, Both on Poland’s Border. But Worlds Apart.

Poland will call for EU-Russia trade ban

Nealy 2.1 million Ukrainian refugees arrive in Poland

Poland's open-door policy helps Ukrainian refugees build new lives

Priceless paper: Refugees get IDs for new lives in Poland

Russian missile strike near NATO's Poland stirs anxiety

The E.U. might want to cut off Russian energy, but fuel-dependent Poland, Hungary and others have other plans

Polish diplomats stay in Ukraine, help document Russian crimes

Polish programmers circumvent Putin's digital censorship

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