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Media Watch- June 4

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Poland to push for EU probe into Russian influence in European politics

President says Russian influence could ‘destroy Polish democracy’ if left unchecked

US concerns over Polish probe into ‘Russian influence' based on 'insufficient analysis'

US, EU concerns over Poland’s Russian influence probe have 'no basis' in fact: gov’t spokesman

The president signed the most criticized law [probe into Russian influence]

Duda: I don't really understand the reaction of allies

Opposition-led march starts in Warsaw

Half a million people turn out to protest Poland's right-wing government

Poland’s government will tell you I’m a Russian stooge. Don’t believe it.

By Radek Sikorski

Poland’s Russian influence probe debated in European Parliament

Polish officials to attend conference in Greece on WWII damages from Germany

Poland urges German MPs to start dialogue on WWII damages

Motion for a vote of no confidence in the Defense Minister

Poland closes border to freight vehicles from Russia, Belarus

Polish, Canadian PMs reaffirm support for Ukraine

NATO-trained units will serve as tip of spear in Ukraine’s counteroffensive

The counteroffensive will be the biggest test yet of the U.S.-led strategy of giving the Ukrainians weapons and training to fight like an American army might — but on their own.

'Ukraine’s future is in NATO': Polish FM

Ukraine’s Future Ties to NATO Are Main Topic as Western Nations Meet

The question of how to guarantee Ukrainian security loomed over a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Norway and a gathering of European leaders in Moldova.

NATO demonstrates its capability in the vicinity of Poland - and Russia

In three days' time NATO begins the largest naval manouevres ever to take place in the Baltic Sea.

This is the ‘America First’ case for supporting Ukraine

Is the West Really Responsible for Putin’s Imperialism?

The idea that Russia was somehow provoked to invade Ukraine is bad history, whether it comes from the Kremlin or the West.

Ukraine’s territorial integrity must be restored to ensure lasting peace: Polish FM

Poland unveils measures to help bring back Ukrainian children abducted by Russia

Ukraine’s Zelensky thanks Poland for helping child victims of Russian aggression

EU must guard against Russia’s aim to disrupt Schengen zone

Russia cannot stop Ukraine from joining NATO: Stoltenberg

Poland signs deal to buy Hellfire missiles from US

Poland hit by major data leak

Polish jobless rate lowest in EU, at 2.7% in April

Geopolitics are impossible to ignore at the French Open

Priceless painting looted by Nazis during World War II returns to Poland from Japan

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