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Media Watch- June 25

State Department report on Poland Polish president warns of potential election interference by Russia Poland’s conservative leader Jarosław Kaczyński returns to gov't as deputy PM Germany can’t continue to ignore Polish pleas for war reparations Grey Zones are Green Lights – Bring Ukraine Into NATO A fresh commitment to Ukraine’s NATO membership will shorten this war and prevent the next. NATO must go beyond its previous, empty pledge. Russia must be defeated in Ukraine: Polish president The central goal of Polish foreign policy is to help ensure that Russia suffers a strategic defeat in Ukraine and that "the spectre of war is permanently removed" from Poland's borders, President Andrzej Duda has said. Russia failing to achieve war aims in Ukraine: Polish FM Poland will continue to support Ukraine’s fight against Russian aggression: president EU approves 11th package of sanctions against Russia Europe defense ministers are holding talks in Paris on how to better defend the continent's airspace Polish army well-equipped to protect country's skies: defence minister Poland making its voice heard on Ukraine: PM UN praises Poland’s ‘exemplary’ support for Ukraine refugees Poland’s leader Kaczyński to focus on national security, support for Ukraine as deputy PM Russia again demands that monuments to occupiers be left behind Polish documentary about Ukraine war wins top prize in Sheffield Major business conference in Warsaw

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