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Media Watch- June 18

Video: How a small city in Poland gained global significance Polish, French, German leaders voice ‘unwavering support’ for Ukraine in Paris Polish, Ukrainian presidents discuss security, defence aid Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania combat Russian propaganda: Polish UN envoy to UN Bipartisan group of US senators to travel to Poland amid Russia-Ukraine war The senators will meet with military and government leaders stationed in Poland The Polish first lady has met with a group of Ukrainian psychiatrists and physiotherapists who are being trained in Poland on how to treat war-affected patients. Poland is becoming ‘a military superpower’: Finnish daily NATO Members Use a Major Air Exercise to Send a Message to Russia NATO Goes Back to Defense Basics Allies Pressure Biden to Hasten NATO Membership for Ukraine Biden says US will not make it easier for Ukraine to join NATO Polish lawmakers pass resolution in support of Ukraine’s NATO bid Polish general set to take charge of Eurocorps Poland seeks ally in Greece in campaign for World War II reparations Germany must pay WWII reparations to Poland: Greek ex-president Law and Justice may postpone fall parliamentary elections According to the former PM of the leftist government (Leszek Miller), if the ratings of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) continue to fall, the party will make a controversial decision and postpone the parliamentary elections, imposing a state of emergency under some pretext. Poland may face losing its voice in the EU Poland's nuclear project has received its first safety certification "This is a terrible black hole in the history of civilisation" Poland's Deputy Prime Minister Gliński addresses the anniversary of the first mass transport of prisoners to Auschwitz. US chipmaker Intel to build USD 4.6 bn plant in Poland Polish deputy PM [Piotr Glinski, who is also Minister of Culture] accuses Germany of refusing to help recover art stolen in WWII As more schools target ‘Maus,’ Art Spiegelman’s fears are deepening [But the bans are not over the content, but the fact that one panel shows the image of a naked woman in a bathtub – Spiegelman’s mother, who committed suicide – TM]

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