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Media Watch- June 11

New exhibition highlights Poland’s destruction by Germany in WWII

Poland Rejects E.U. Ruling, Restarting a European Feud

Poland’s justice minister called the E.U. court of justice “corrupt,” after it ruled a judicial overhaul was illegal. He vowed not to comply, though that could cost Poland billions.

EU opens fresh case against Poland over Russian influence law

Poland Isn’t the Friend the West Thinks It Is

Putin 'wants to recreate old Soviet sphere of influence in Eastern Europe': US ex-VP

Former US Vice President Mike Pence has said that Russian leader Vladimir Putin "has no intention of stopping" in Ukraine and is seeking to recreate the old Soviet sphere of influence in Eastern Europe.

Europe Gets Serious About Russian Defeat. At Last.

Ukraine deserves 'quick path' to NATO: Polish PM

Russia’s Regime Lured by the Bait of Falsehood

Europe Must Not Dance to Russia’s New Tune

Defend ‘every inch’ of NATO territory? New strategy is a work in progress.

Attack on Polish Border Guards

A group of 22 people attacked a border guard patrol along the Polish-Belarusian border.

Ukraine flood victims receive assistance from another Polish organization

‘Warsaw feels like a mini Soviet Union’: how Russian is gaining ground in Poland’s capital

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