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Media Watch- July 9

Populist Puppet or Biden Ally? Who is Poland’s Andrzej Duda The invasion of Ukraine propelled Poland’s president from the periphery of European politics to the center, but he might have blown his chance of staying there The Poles are rearming at a breathtaking rate and are now Europe's rising power. Let's embrace Warsaw - over Paris and Berlin Poland asks NATO to deploy nuclear weapons Western Europe Is Still Falling Short in NATO’s East Deterring Russia Requires More Than Just Promises NATO readies military plans to defend against bruised but unbowed Russia Vilnius Summit Will Determine Whether NATO Is Serious About Deterrence NATO’s annual summit could define a decade of Western security NATO Tries to Remember What It Means to Fight a European War Supporting Ukraine and clarifying its relationship with the alliance will be a dominant theme at an upcoming summit. But NATO’s efforts to strengthen its own defenses along its eastern flank will also be key. Lithuania’s Message to NATO: Spend Like the Baltics The NATO summit in Vilnius presents Lithuania with a golden opportunity to press allies to commit more cash to ending Russia's war in Ukraine. Is Russia About to Crumble (Again . . . )? Ukraine needs NATO membership, not an ‘Israel model’ By Ian Brzezinski Why NATO Needs Ukraine Taking Ukraine into NATO is the best way to avoid future European wars. Only NATO membership can guarantee peace for Ukraine By Marc A. Thiessen and Stephen E. Biegun U.S. leaders insist war with Russia must end before Ukraine joins NATO Finland — NATO’s Birthday Present The newest member of the alliance has much to offer and much to learn. Allies will also need to do some listening. Warsaw’s proposal for referendum 'puts EU embarrassingly on the spot' OSCE lawmakers condemn desecration of Polish graves in Belarus General: New Staging Ground in Poland Gives U.S. Military ‘Options’ Polish missile defence site to be developed by end of 2023 WWII massacres straining Polish-Ukrainian relations World War II killings known as the Volhynia Massacres continue to pose challenges to Polish-Ukrainian relations, according to Polish Deputy Interior and Administration Minister Maciej Wąsik. Polish PM pays tribute to victims of WWII massacres by Ukrainians Poland starts observances of WWII massacres by Ukrainians that have marred neighborly ties Polish, Ukrainian Presidents honour victims of the Volhynia massacre. Russia Policy: Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark The West should know by now that it cannot influence events in Russia, but it can defeat the Kremlin’s war of aggression against Ukraine. Polish, Italian PMs discuss support for Ukraine, illegal migration The leaders of Italy and Poland say European Union should focus on stopping migration Warsaw and Vilnius are now closer allies than ever before, Polish president says Where the Republican Candidates Stand on Ukraine The war has illuminated one of the biggest ideological divides within the Republican Party: between members who see a significant global role for the United States, and a more isolationist wing. How Stalin manipulated the Western press during WWII

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