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Media Watch- July 23

Putin Points Nuclear Weapons at NATO: Time to Respond

Poland condemns Putin's 'pseudo-historical' remarks

Polish defence minister to discuss military ties, Ukraine aid on US visit

Polish defence minister hails military ties with US

Polish, US territorial armies tighten ties

Poland’s Territorial Defence Force (WOT) has signed an agreement with the National Guard of the US state of Illinois to expand cooperation in the training of Polish reserve soldiers

Polish security forces on standby against 'any Russian provocations': defence minister

Kremlin "concerned" about Polish soldiers on the border

Polish FM in New York for UN meetings

Diplomatic war continues [between Warsaw & Moscow]

Russia's Wagner fighters may be used to step up migrant pressure on Poland, FM warns

Russia's Wagner mercenaries launch joint training with Belarusian military near Poland's border

Poland is among Ukraine’s biggest supporters: Ukrainian ambassador to Poland

Poles, Czechs share similar view of Europe's future, says Polish PM

Ukrainian Prime Minister attacks Poland

Poland closed its borders to grain imports from Ukraine after protests by farmers who raised alarms that Polish warehouses were being flooded with Ukrainian grain.

Ukrainian PM’s criticism ‘not very sensible,' says Polish deputy FM

From City Hall to the Presidential Palace?

Warsaw Mayor's strategic goal is not the parliamentary elections, but the fight for the presidential seat in 2025...

All civil liberties in Poland are flourishing

The Minister of State Assets categorically denied that there are any violations of the rule of law in Poland

Polish firefighters are in Greece, joining French, Italian and Romanian teams supporting Greece as it struggles with this year's wildfires.

EC complains Poland to CJEU

The European Commission has filed a complaint with the Court of Justice of the European Union against Poland over the anti-EU interpretation of the Polish Constitution by the Constitutional Court

History buffs reenact 1410 Battle of Grunwald in northern Poland

Book review: Goodbye, Eastern Europe by Jacob Mikanowski

“…a lively and sweeping history of a complicated region of the world”

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