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Media Watch- July 2

Poland, UK 'take charge' as Ukraine war weakens 'Franco-German axis'

Central European PMs to discuss regional security

Required: Sentinels for Europe’s Maritime Lifelines

There is much work to do on security key pipelines and networks. Europe needs to get on with it.

Germany fears EU plan to use Russian assets for Ukraine’s reconstruction could aid Poland’s WWII damages claim

Poland detains another suspected Russian spy

Polish Authorities Detain Athlete on Charges of Being Russian Spy

The Future of NATO’s European Land Forces: Plans, Challenges, Prospects

NATO’s Vilnius summit will be key to making Europe more secure: Polish president

Poland to send special forces to protect NATO summit in Lithuania

Polish PM unveils plan for secure EU borders

Poland aims to build Europe's strongest army within two years

Polish president in Kyiv for talks with Ukraine's Zelensky

Poland sees rising danger with Wagner’s presence in Belarus

NATO Stresses Risk of Wagner Group’s Potential Relocation to Belarus

Poland urges more support for Ukraine refugees at EU summit

Documentary says previous Polish gov't consulted Russia on US missile defence deal

Angered over EU migrant rules, Poland and Hungary veto a summit statement in a gesture of protest

Polish PM calls for better control of EU borders at Brussels summit

Polish PM unveils plan for secure EU borders

Poland bolsters its border with Belarus

Poland will deploy five hundred police officers to its border with Belarus, the country's Interior Minister has said.

Telecom Troubles: Adapting Networks to Defend Europe

During a security crisis, European armies and intelligence services must interact in a safe and secure way with civilian 5G-telecom systems. This means removing Chinese suppliers.

Losing the Transatlantic Battle for Critical Minerals

Both the European Union and the US need to reduce their dependence on China for key raw materials. Unfortunately, the allies are arguing, not cooperating.

International Views of Biden and U.S. Largely Positive

[Poland is among the most positive – TM]

Polish president OKs plan to scrap highway tolls

Poland to review procedures after PM's convoy car collides with civilian vehicle

President thanks diaspora for promoting Poland abroad

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