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Media Watch- January 9

Zbigniew Rau: "Our Policy is based on a good will"

On the occasion of Poland's takeover of the OSCE Chairmanship, the Polish Foreign Minister, Zbigniew Rau, outlines his ideas on which foreign policy tensions in Europe can be resolved.

Biden admin weighs offering Russia cuts to U.S. troops in Eastern Europe

U.S. troop cuts in Poland and the Baltic would have to be matched by Russian moves in the area. The U.S. is also working to get Stingers for Ukraine.

Ukraine-Russia crisis: US refuses to draw down troops

No US troops cuts planned on Eastern flank

How Russia’s Military Is Positioned to Threaten Ukraine

Biden’s Failed Russia Strategy: One Year In

Poland’s Military Might and Hopefully Will

It is one thing to announce a huge expansion of the armed forces, and another to make it happen.

A Film Captures Jewish Life in a Polish Town Before the Nazis Arrived

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