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Media Watch - January 8

Germany spurns renewed Polish call for war reparations

Berlin insists all financial claims have been settled as Warsaw seeks £1.2tn for war losses

Poland rejects Germany’s reply over WWII damages

Government official comments on Germany's response

Polish deputy FM to discuss WWII compensation from Germany on US trip

Poland asks UN to help secure WWII damages from Germany

Historical Perspectives on Russia’s War Crimes in Ukraine

Polish struggles to remember Soviet atrocities in World War II provide lessons for today's conflict

France promises Ukraine armored vehicles as the U.S. weighs doing the same

New Armored Vehicles Will Help Ukraine Take the Fight to Russia

Poland welcomes Germany's decision to send Patriot air defence system to Ukraine

Poland will keep expanding army and supporting Ukraine in 2023, defence minister says

Dispute over Israeli youth trips to Poland nearly resolved

A disagreement between the Polish and Israeli governments over Jewish educational trips to Poland has been nearly resolved, an official has said.

Ukrainian MPs remove disputed tribute after Polish protests

A Polish deputy foreign minister has said that following condemnation from Poland, Ukraine’s parliament has removed a social media tribute to a controversial World War II leader [Stepan Bandera] who officials say is responsible for the mass slaughter of Poles and Jews decades ago.

In 2021 Germany contributed to the EU budget €25.1 bn but received €132 bn back!

Builders uncover Jewish WWII trove in yard in Poland

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