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Media Watch- January 7

US ambassador extends New Year wishes to Poles


Turn Your Back on Ukraine and Set the World on Fire

Western weakness and vacillation over Ukraine is encouraging expansionist despots. They will ensure a cascade of warfare around the world if the US abandons Kyiv.


What is the point of NATO?

Membership is no guarantee of democracy


Poland ramps up protection of airspace amid Russia's strikes on Ukraine


Hiring Now: Musketeers

The Czech, Lithuanian, and Polish foreign ministers speak out. Others should too.


NATO secures 1,000 Patriot missiles for Europe in $5.6bn deal

The multi-billion-dollar deal will strengthen Europe’s air defence and kick-start Patriot missile production on the continent.


Polish, EU top diplomats discuss further military support for Ukraine

Poland's foreign minister has held talks with the European Union's foreign-policy chief on stepping up military support for Ukraine and sanctions on Russia, following the Kremlin's recent air strikes.


US, Polish troops get set for live fire of Warsaw’s prize new Abrams tanks


Polish Dep PM, US envoy discuss Poland-US defence cooperation


A 2024 Resolution for the West — Prepare for Disaster


Europe could be vulnerable to Russian attack within a few years

According to the Polish Prime Minister, it is necessary for Europe as a whole to be stronger militarily than Russia.


Polish farmers resume blockade of Ukraine border crossing


Polish Agricultural Minister plans to sign deal with farmers blocking border crossings


Polish farmers suspend their blockade at the Ukrainian border after a deal with the government


‘Sejmflix’: Poland’s new speaker transforms parliament into a viral phenomenon

In an unexpected twist, Poland's legislative process has become the country's latest viral sensation, thanks to the new Speaker of the Sejm, Poland's lower house of parliament.


Dirty Poland – Welcome Green Tech Leader

A country long dependent on coal is turning to nuclear, wind, and solar power. It’s a bipartisan shift.


Official suggests Polish president check social media security after odd tweet from private account


Auschwitz Museum director slams use of Holocaust imagery in migrant debate


Audio: Poland's Wawel castle opens its vaults


Joshua Bell to play at benefit concert for Ukraine in Warsaw


Christine Granville: The Polish aristocrat who was Churchill's favourite spy

[Her real name was Maria Skarbek, descendant of the family where Fryderyk Chopin’s parents were tutor and governess – TM]

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