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Media Watch- January 21

Polish president at Davos urges West to keep supporting Ukraine

Poland's president has called on Ukraine's western allies to continue to support Kyiv's war effort against the Russian invasion and to strengthen defence cooperation amid the threat from Russia. 


Russia will attack other countries if it wins in Ukraine: Polish president at Davos

Poland's president has said that if Russia succeeds in its invasion of Ukraine, it will turn to attack other countries, and so the West must help Kyiv win the war.


Poland's president at Davos calls for a NATO missile defence against Russia


Video: Russia has to be stopped: Poland President Andrzej Duda


Cutting aid to Ukraine would be a 'disaster,' US president tells Polish Radio


NATO reacts to Germany's preparation for potential war with Russia


Deterring War without Threatening War: Rehabilitating the West’s Risk-averse Approach to Deterrence


US Reaps Rewards of Ukraine’s Battlefield Successes

Lessons learned from the wartime performance of Western weaponry in Ukraine is invaluable.


Time to Criminalize Putin’s Lie Machine

Russian malign influence campaigns and those of other hostile states have tested Western patience for years. Now, some countries may criminalize it.


'Poland is back in Europe' says French minister after visiting Warsaw: audio report

Poland is back on the European scene, France's foreign minister said on Monday, calling for Paris, Warsaw and Berlin to work together on EU reforms and aiding Ukraine.


President accuses PM of breaking the law


Poland's president and new prime minister remain divided on rule of law despite talks


Prime Minister on meeting with the President


Kaminski's imprisonment is revenge for the successes of PiS government


Financial Times: Tusk's bold moves necessary to counter PiS, risk deepening Poland’s divide


EU official praises efforts by Poland's new government to restore the rule of law


Top official outlines EU stance on Poland's jailed ex-ministers


NATO launches biggest drills since Cold War next week

NATO will next week kick off its biggest exercise since the Cold War for 90,000 troops, who will train quick-reaction deployment to Poland, among other measures. 


Radical left asks if Poland is selling arms to Israel

According to Adrian Zandberg, co-leader of the radical-left Razem (Together), the government of Benjamin Netanyahu is pursuing policies that are cruel, inhumane and senseless.


Polish Truckers Lift Border Blockade With Ukraine

The suspension of the protest until March, while its leaders talk with the Polish government, promises some relief for Ukraine’s flagging economy.


EU welcomes Poland's deal with truckers on suspension of Ukraine border blockade


Ukrainian war orphans visit Warsaw thanks to a crowdfunding effort by Polish NGOs

A group of Ukrainian youth, who lost their fathers in their country's defensive war against Russia, arrived in Warsaw to spend the weekend in Poland's capital city. The trip organisers provided them with, among other things, computer classes and a visit to Warsaw's National Museum.


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