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Media Watch- January 23

Biden Promises More Troops In Poland, Romania If Russia Invades Ukraine

Biden promises more US troops in Poland if Russia invades Ukraine

Biden Weighs Deploying Thousands of Troops to Eastern Europe and Baltics

Article by UK Defence Secretary on the situation in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Porcupine Needs More Public Diplomacy

U.S. and Russia Take More Measured Stance in Ukraine Talks

The conciliatory tone and absence of ultimatums suggested that both sides were trying to keep tensions in check and give diplomacy time.

Biden Predicts Putin Will Order Ukraine Invasion, but ‘Will Regret Having Done It’

Putin to Ukraine: ‘Marry Me or I’ll Kill You’

Going Up! Russia’s War Elevator

Can NATO and Europe Count on Germany Against Russia?

Germany blocks Estonian arms exports to Ukraine

Polish president affirms support for Ukraine in standoff with Russia

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