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Media Watch - January 22

A free Ukraine means a free Poland – Polish Defence Minister

Our Debt to Ukraine — Payback Time

Europe has been unwilling to understand the clear link between Ukraine’s freedom and its own.

The NATO Alliance Is Holding Strong on Ukraine. But Fractures Are Emerging.

The allies differ on strategy for the coming year and the more immediate question of what Ukraine needs ahead of a major offensive in the spring.

Poland Emerges as Europe’s Leader Against Russia’s War in Ukraine

Warsaw takes on Germany, Austria and Hungary, whose support for Kyiv is more equivocal

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U.S. Extends Troop Deployment in Romania, at Ukraine War’s Doorstep

The buildup is part of President Biden’s commitment to increase American forces in Europe in response to the Russian invasion last February.

Why Tanks Are Tripping Up the West

Western nations are amping up offensive military power for Ukraine in almost every category except the one Kyiv says it needs the most. Here’s why.

Germany: Exporting Irresponsibility

Scholz’s dithering harms Ukraine, Germany, and the West.

Germany’s Reluctance on Tanks Stems From Its History and Its Politics

A post-Nazi aversion to war and a commitment to promoting peace through engagement combines with an old fixation on Russia and a deep aversion to leading militarily.

Amid Mounting Frustration With Germany, Ukraine Holds Out Hope It Will Get Tanks

Morawiecki: "Ukraine will win this war, with or without Germany"

Russia's Medvedev threatens West with nuclear war if Ukraine wins

Russia deliberately targets civilians, Polish PM says

Ukraine needs more weapons, Polish president tells World Economic Forum

Polish president urges NATO allies to recognise Ukraine’s membership hopes

FM hails ‘growing influence’ of Poland, Baltics in NATO

How a play about a pope’s last days reveals the stark reality of dying

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