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Media Watch - January 15

Poland’s Flawed Star Can Shine

This year, Poland enters a busy electoral schedule that will resolve its future direction, and affect the wider European project.

Morawiecki publishes Polish demands in German "Der Spiegel"

The Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has published an article today in the German weekly Der Spiegel to explain to a German audience why he believes Germany owes Poland 1.3 billion euros in reparations.

Poland asks US Congress to help obtain WWII damages from Germany

Western Tanks Appear Headed to Ukraine, Breaking Another Taboo

Poland to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine

Poland urges allies to join it in sending Leopard tanks to Ukraine

Britain Says It Will Give Ukraine Tanks, Breaching a Western Taboo

Western countries have balked at giving Ukraine tanks and other powerful weapons. As increased spring fighting looms, that seems to be changing.

Poland ranked world’s 20th military power

Poland to change defence doctrine amid Russia’s ‘barbarism’ in Ukraine: officials

What Does It Mean to Provide ‘Security Guarantees’ to Ukraine?

A postwar Ukraine will want to ensure that Russia does not attack again. But is there anything short of full NATO membership that will satisfy Kyiv and deter Moscow?

Polish leaders meet, discuss further support for Ukraine

If Ukraine doesn’t repel Russian aggression, it may spread, Zelensky tells Polish TV

Ukraine’s president has warned that if his country doesn’t fend off the Russian invasion, then the Kremlin’s aggression may spread further, to Poland and Lithuania, for example.

Poland has taken in 9.18 million refugees from Ukraine

[That’s 24% of the initial population of ab. 38M – TM]

NATO, EU set up task force to protect critical infrastructure

Ploughshares into Swords — NATO Spending Must Rise

Polish, Ukrainian presidents pay tribute to Poles buried at Lviv cemetery

Polish diplomat elected to high post at UNICEF

Polish PM says adopting the euro would bring spike in prices

[Of course it would. I saw it on my pre- and post-Euro trips to Italy, Germany and France – TM]

Anti-war drawings by Polish, Ukrainian kids on display in Canada

Polish officials say WWII trove of Jewish objects rare find

To Save Birds From Invading Americans, One Man in Poland Built Floating Forts

Non-native American minks and raccoons ravaged the Lower Oder’s birds before the predator-proof islands.

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