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Media Watch- January 14

Poland, American Polonia, and Poland's Borders: Another Way to Understand the Connection

By Donald Pienkos


Senator Vance slams Biden Administration’s Silence on Polish Government Attacks on Press Freedom


Poland's deputy FM calls for rebuilding ties with Germany, addresses war reparations


Poland activates air defences amid Russia's missile attack on Ukraine


Warsaw rally calls for military, financial aid to Ukraine

Nearly 3,000 Poles and Ukrainians have gathered outside the European Union's representative office in Warsaw, calling for military and financial support for Ukraine's defence against the Russian invasion, and for Kyiv's accession to the EU


Polish FM urges US Congress to OK new aid for Ukraine


Polish foreign minister warns against Putin’s victory in Ukraine, calls for continued US support


If Ukraine Loses, War Will Come to Europe


America Will Have to Heavily Arm NATO’s Six Frontline States If Ukraine Falters—Especially Finland


NATO allies pledge 'billions of euros' in support for Ukraine in 2024


How the best chance to win the Ukraine war was lost


‘Elite Replacement’ Strategy Tested by Poland’s New Government

The administration’s clear-out of its predecessor’s supporters from state media had been ruthless and controversial.


Gangster Tactics in Liberal Poland Recall a Bygone Era

The new government’s war on its political enemies raises the old question—could it happen here?


Poland's new government is in a standoff with the former ruling party over 2 convicted politicians


Polish police arrest 2 convicted politicians with former government who took refuge with president


Two Polish ex-ministers detained in presidential palace


Standoff at Presidential Palace Shows Poland’s Right Won’t Go Quietly


Thousands attend rally in Warsaw calling for release of jailed ex-ministers


Polish president pledges to pardon jailed ex-ministers


President slams removal of national prosecutor

Poland’s president Andrzej Duda has criticised a decision by the justice minister to remove the national prosecutor from office, calling it a breach of law.


World's press backs Tusk in constitutional crisis

Press review: An overview of selected international outlets on the latest events in Poland's ongoing constitutional crisis.


Kaczynski calls for change of power

The long-announced "Protest of Free Poles" organized by Law and Justice took place in front of the Sejm.


Polish and Israeli foreign ministers discuss Israel-Hamas war and Ukraine


The Kremlin’s New Imperial Crackdown on the Captive Peoples

Vladimir Putin has set out to intensify the suppression of indigenous languages and culture among many of Russia’s 195 nationalities.


Russia Detains State Firm Worker Accused of Spying for Poland


Polish education minister, Japanese FM discuss support for Ukrainian students


Border protests across EU over Ukrainian cargo


Brazil's Lula names Brazilian lawyer of Polish descent as new justice minister

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva announced the appointment of Ricardo Lewandowski, a prominent lawyer of Polish descent and former head of Brazil's Supreme Federal Tribunal, as the new Minister of Justice.


Daring to Create Art Freely Behind the Iron Curtain

The Walker Art Center stages a rare survey of the courageous work that bloomed in the Eastern bloc, as artists struggled against state repression.


Poland's Oscar-shortlisted doc about Ukraine war airs in US, UK, Germany this weekend


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