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Media Watch- February 5

Polish deputy FM, UN officials discuss WWII damages from Germany

Poland pledges to spend 4% of GDP on defence in 2023

More Javelins in the Polish army

The Defense Ministry has ordered 50 more US launchers and 500 Javelin guided anti-tank missiles.

Poland is leading Europe’s response to Russia’s war on Ukraine

Poland is “the unsung hero” behind the recent decision by Germany and the United States to send tanks to Ukraine, according to the Atlantic Council, a US think tank.

Polish president warns Russia aims to revive empire

With tanks in the pipeline, Ukraine redoubles its efforts to obtain warplanes.

Zelensky thanks Poland for sending tanks

Ukraine says Poland could provide it with F-16 fighter jets

Polish F-16s will not fly to Ukraine

What ‘No’ on F-16 Fighter Jets Might Mean for Ukraine

If the usual script plays out, the Biden administration’s reluctance to provide the planes could be temporary, officials say.

When It Comes to Building Its Own Defense, Europe Has Blinked

Poland an overhaul hub for Ukrainian armaments

Polish scientists to restore Ukraine's damaged forests

Poland welcomes over 9.6 m refugees from Ukraine

Polish MEPs host debate on 'Russian conquest, genocide and colonisation'

Putin’s Russia and the Hall of Mirrors

The Kremlin's distorted picture of the world has played a huge role in starting the war and makes it hard to end.

Poland is not threatened by recession

Foreign Ministry writes about Auschwitz and Ukraine

Poland among the record-holders of knowledge sector growth

Poland is one of the five European countries with the fastest job growth in the so-called knowledge sector, but its share is still small.

Russia's exclusion from the Olympics: Poland sets an example

The Polish Olympic Committee (PKOl) opposes the start of the Russians and Belarusians in 2024 Olympic Games, contrary to the opinion of the International Olympic Committee.

Ukraine Renews Threat to Boycott Olympics if Russians Compete

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