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Media Watch- February 27

Statement on Situation in Ukraine (from Polish American Congress)

Putin puts nuclear forces on high alert; E.U. vows to shut down airspace to Russian planes

Germany freezes Nord Stream 2 gas project as Ukraine crisis deepens

Fact check: Do Vladimir Putin's justifications for going to war against Ukraine add up?

Shortly before launching a full-scale war on Ukraine, Vladimir Putin outlined his reasons for the attack. Russia, he said, must "defend itself" and "denazify" Ukraine. Much of this is false.

Germany's reversal on Ukraine weapons policy 'response to Putin's aggression'

U.S. diplomatic staff relocate from Ukraine to Poland.

For Ukraine’s Refugees, Europe Opens Doors That Were Shut to Others

Europe prepares for the arrival of Ukrainian refugees as aid groups warn of a crisis.

E.U. official warns member nations to ‘prepare for millions’ of refugees

U.S. troops in Poland prepare for the arrival of refugees from Ukraine.

At the Polish Border, Tens of Thousands of Ukrainian Refugees

Over 150,000 Ukraine war refugees enter Poland

Why the Toughest Sanctions on Russia Are the Hardest for Europe to Wield

With the Ukraine Invasion, NATO Is Suddenly Vulnerable

Beyond the Battlefield: What Might Happen Next in the Ukraine Crisis

Europe faces a new refugee crisis, and harsh economic penalties to punish Russia are expected to reverberate worldwide.

Switch to Mute on Kremlin Blackmail

The Kremlin has once again demonstrated that blackmail is its weapon of choice in dealings with the West.

Imperial Revivalism Is Older Than Putin

The Kremlin’s determination to occupy Ukraine pre-dates its current occupant.

Putin Is Making a Historic Mistake

Madeleine Albright

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