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Media Watch- February 20

NATO plans to shift forces to counter Moscow’s troop buildup around Ukraine.

U.S. Army Troops Arrive in Poland to Reassure Allies

On the Edge of a Polish Forest, Where Some of Putin’s Darkest Fears Lurk

After 30 Years of Peace, Ukraine Crisis Shakes Europeans

How a Ukraine Conflict Could Reshape Europe’s Reliance on Russia

More than a third of the natural gas in Europe comes from Russia. Any disruption to the fuel supply could send shock waves across the continent.

Germany Tries to Loosen Its Ties to Russian Gas Pipelines

Poland readies for possible refugee influx from Ukraine

Ukraine crisis: US set to sell Abrams tanks to Poland

Poland preparing for various scenarios in Ukraine: president

Polish defence minister thanks US for military support amid Russian buildup

Poland convenes extraordinary OSCE meeting on Ukraine

Top European Court Rules E.U. Can Freeze Aid to Poland and Hungary

Polish president, defence minister praise WWII Home Army

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