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Media Watch- February 19

Poland deserves compensation from Germany for losses suffered in World War II

By Maria Szonert Binienda, Esq.

Polish American group asks US Congress to help Poland secure WWII damages from Germany

Europe’s centre of gravity is shifting towards Poland

Leadership in Action – An Eight-Point To-Do List for the Transatlantic Alliance

Precision Weapons Revolution Changes Everything

The military-technological lessons of Russia's war in Ukraine.

What Putin Broke

When Vladimir Putin ordered his troops into Ukraine, the destruction was widespread. Not just to Ukrainian victims of the aggression, but to Russia’s image and its future.

Putin Began His Unjust War One Year Ago. Here’s What Ukraine Needs Now.

Putin won’t stop at Ukraine, Zelensky warns Munich Security Conference

‘Ukrainians are fighting for our freedom’: Polish FM

Poland ready to transfer MiG jets to Ukraine, but as part of broader coalition, says PM

Poland is 'Europe’s defender' and an example to follow

Poland is the most committed of all NATO members in supporting Ukraine and an example for others to follow, Britain’s The Times newspaper has said.

US drones for Polish army

Poland interested in hosting permanent NATO military bases

Harris to Munich, Biden to Poland as Ukraine anniversary looms

Poland's president hails significance of upcoming Biden trip

Polish president launches diplomatic drive ahead of Biden visit

Polish president says he will ask Biden to send more US troops to Poland

Ukrainians Demonstrate Training on Leopard Tanks in Poland

Kyiv’s troops are getting a crash course in using the German-made tanks, less than three weeks after Berlin agreed, under pressure from Poland and others, to let them go to Ukraine.

More countries pledge tanks for Ukraine: Polish defence minister

Russia lost about half of its tanks since invading Ukraine, a new report says.

Blinken Says U.S. Believes China Is Considering Giving Russia Weapons

NATO must bolster eastern flank: Polish president

Putin, czar with no empire, needs military victory for his own survival

Polish general to head Eurocorps

HIMARS launchers will be on Jelcz [Polish-made trucks]

The Polish army will have its first squadron of HIMARS launchers and related equipment this year

Warsaw threatens 'further action' if Belarus 'continues to persecute Poles'

Eight complaints against Poland

The European Court of Human Rights has communicated eight complaints against Poland filed by Polish judges

Polish economy below the EU average

Poland's GDP growth will be lower than the European Union average this year. For the first time since joining the EU.

Polish economy in deep recession

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