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Media Watch - December 4

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

A Truce in Ukraine would Be Strategically Worse for Putin than a Withdrawal Russian Hybrid Warfare: Lessons from Ukraine for the Nordic-Baltic Region The Menace of a Deepening China-Russia Axis The last nine months of war in Ukraine should have put to rest any doubts that the Russia-China partnership constitutes a de facto anti-US alliance. Russia: Taming the Outlaw State This outlaw Russian state must be defeated and held accountable for its actions, not just for rudimentary reasons of morality. Russia 'attempting to capitalize on Western desire for negotiations' Polish President warns of world war Next Time a Missile Hits Poland… Even an accidental missile strike on NATO territory must not happen again, and if it does, NATO should take appropriate action. ‘There are boundaries that cannot be violated,’ Polish FM tells OSCE conference Poland’s foreign minister has called on peace-loving countries not to betray the principles of the 1975 Helsinki Final Act and the 1990 Paris Charter, amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Ukraine’s War Against the Dark German minister admits foreign policy mistakes "contributed to the outbreak of war in Ukraine" Scholz: German offer of air defense system to Poland remains Sudden death of foreign minister of Belarus raises suspicions of foul play after it emerged he was due in Poland to meet with key Western officials 'against Russia's wishes' Poland has taken in 8.17 million refugees from Ukraine Poland says it will ask Ukrainian refugees to pay some housing and food costs next year. Poland is still experiencing the effects of World War II Three Seas Initiative discussed at Warsaw conference Poland's economic credibility is declining Amid Scandals and Politics, Poland’s Youths Lose Faith in Catholic Church 'Art against war' exhibition in Poland’s Krosno Works by Ukrainian, Slovak and Polish artists are on display at a regional arts centre in Krosno, southeastern Poland.

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