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Media Watch- December 31

Poland’s Liberal-Democracy Has Adopted Martial Law

The new leftist government is trying to implement “democracy” by force.


Poland’s media problem just exploded as government makes public-TV channels go dark


Polish president defies new government in battle over control of state media


Storm over public media I: the government's position

The government's position on the "takeover" of TVP, Polish Radio and the official news agency PAP is that not only were emergency actions permissible, they were required by law.


Storm over public media II: the opposition's perspective

The opposition's view of the government's "reclaiming" of public media is that it is a violation of the independence of a free press recalling the darkest days of communist Poland. 


Poland initiates liquidation of state media amid funding suspension


Polish president tangles with new government in battle over control of state media


Poland's media regulator to present 'plan to fix state media' to president, gov't


Poland carried out thorough ground search after Russian missile breached NATO airspace


US declares 'solidarity and assistance' for Poland over missile entering Polish airspace


Russia wants evidence before giving explanations about an object that entered Poland's airspace


Poland close to ending blockade of Ukraine border: PM

The Polish government is taking steps to 'swiftly resolve' the standoff between Polish and Ukrainian transport companies and "quickly lift" the blockade of the Polish-Ukrainian border


President vetoes first bill of new government


Poland calls on Russia to 'stop criminal actions in Ukraine' after latest missile attack


Poland secures contract for 12 command vehicles for Abrams tanks

Poland's Armament Agency has announced a contract worth approximately PLN 268 million (USD 68m) for the delivery of 12 command vehicles designed for modern Abrams tanks.


Poland will be reborn as a modern and strong country: Polish PM in New Year speech



Polish Christmas Customs: Carp - the communist infiltrator?

Serving carp may seem to many visitors a very Polish Christmas tradition. Indeed many Poles are unaware of its recent - and none too politically correct - vintage.


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