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Media Watch- December 26

PAC letter to Pres. Biden re Russian presence on Ukrainian border

A message for younger generation – speech by Sławomir Korzan during Candlelit Commemorative Vigil

Stopping the Countdown to Russian Invasion

Bordering on a Dangerous Future

US assistance to Ukraine is not a matter of choice. The country’s reduction to vassal status would set a dangerous precedent and risk a more menacing world.

NATO response force put on alert amid tensions with Russia

Russia: Security talks with US and NATO set for January

Poland accuses Germany of trying to form 'Fourth Reich'

Nord Stream 2: Who wins, who loses?

US ‘deeply troubled’ after Polish MPs vote through contested media bill

Poland’s ruling party leader likely to quit government by end of March… to focus on party duties

Justice minister vows to ask Polish court to declare EU rule-of-law tool unconstitutional

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