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Media Watch - December 25

Updated: Feb 21

Wesołych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia! Merry Christmas!

May this season bring you peace and joy in these turbulent times. Ted Mirecki

Poland asks Council of Europe to help secure WWII damages from Germany

US Victory Within Reach — Don’t Throw Away Ukraine’s Sacrifice Now

Ukrainian ambassador thanks Poland for support in obtaining US Patriot air defense system

Polish analyst says France, Germany seek to 'drive US out of Europe'

A Polish political analyst has said that Germany and France see Russia as a potential ally in their efforts to reduce American influence in Europe.

Putin’s End-of-Year Message — Embrace the Forever War

Poland has taken in 8.67 million refugees from Ukraine

Pope thanks Poles for helping Ukrainians

Pope Francis has extended Christmas wishes to Poles, thanking them for welcoming refugees from Ukraine.

Junior coalitionist politician accuses European Union

Polish PM calls for EU renewal

Poland commemorates victims of communist-era massacre 52 years on

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