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Media Watch- December 19

Mark Brzezinski confirmed by US Senate as ambassador to Poland

US Senate approves Mark Brzezinski as ambassador to Poland

What Russia Wants from a Ukraine Crisis: A Sphere of Influence in Eastern Europe

Russia broadens security demands from West, seeking to curb U.S. and NATO influence on borders

From Tom Kolodziej, PAC Nationa; VP for American Affairs:

I am sharing with you the text of two draft treaties the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs made public as the basis of discussion with the Biden administration and the NATO alliance.

This is a demand that the Russian sphere of influence that existed during Communism is re-established.

Please see article 4 of the proposed Russia-NATO treaty:

Article 4

The Russian Federation and all the Parties that were member States of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as of 27 May 1997, respectively, shall not deploy military forces and weaponry on the territory of any of the other States in Europe in addition to the forces stationed on that territory as of 27 May 1997. With the consent of all the Parties such deployments can take place in exceptional cases to eliminate a threat to security of one or more Parties.

Poland and other Central and Eastern European states entered NATO after May 27, 1997. If agreed on this would mean the United States would not be allowed to deploy troops in Poland, the Baltics or any other country that is in NATO now and was earlier a part of the Warsaw Pact.

What is scary is that I recently participated in two briefings with the administration folks and experts on this issue and they openly spoke about their intention to talk with the Russians. Supposedly with our involvement, but talk nonetheless. What we have here is Yalta-bis before us.

Tomek Kolodziej

Russia broadens security demands from West, seeking to curb U.S. and NATO influence on borders

Russia Lays Out Demands for a Sweeping New Security Deal With NATO

NATO mulls deploying troops to Bulgaria, Romania

German defense minister: Russia will not 'dictate' to NATO

Russia has no say over NATO-Ukraine relations: Polish security official

Ukraine’s foreign minister wants West to clarify its sanction threats to Moscow

Nord Stream 2: German minister warns Russia over Ukraine

Economic Affairs Minister Robert Habeck said Germany could halt the controversial pipeline if Russia invades Ukraine. He also called the project a "geopolitical mistake."

Belarus KGB created fake accounts to criticize Poland during border crisis

E.U. Proposes Changes That Would Chip Away at Borderless Model

Warsaw-Brussels conflict escalates

Poland commemorates victims of communist-era massacre 51 years on

Tribute to victims of 1981 communist crackdown on Polish miners

Poland marks 40 years since communists declared martial law

Poland: Parliament approves controversial media reform bill

Poland’s Corpus Christi flower-carpet tradition honoured by UNESCO

The Polish tradition of arranging flower carpets for Corpus Christi processions has been put on UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

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